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KiKi Soul is a creative maniac. She emerged into the musical arts after surviving cancer at the age of 17. At this time, she needed an outlet to express her pain. She began singing the blues and rhyming as a means to connect with her heart and combat depression. 


KiKi began recording in studios during her late teens and early twenties. At that time, she dipped her toes into performing , but she still didn’t feel like she quite “found her voice” as an artist. KiKi had been writing lyrics since she was five years old, but she had no formal musical training (and still doesn’t). As a result, she didn’t know if she “had what it took” to become a true artist. She therefore carried on with life, trying to integrate into “society”—which was a seemingly impossible task for KiKi.


During her late twenties, however, KiKi stumbled back into her love for creating music. At that point, she had zero attachment to pursuing a musical career, so her voice shined through very naturally. She has been having a great time creating music ever since.


KiKi Soul is most inspired by old-school hip-hop, jazz, soul, ska, and acoustic rock. Her biggest musical influences are Lauryn Hill, Amy Winehouse, Sublime, Outkast, and Jack Johnson.


When KiKi isn’t writing music, she writes copy (words that sell) for the marketing agency that she co-owns. She loves to travel, hike, and practice beatboxing, which she currently sucks at. You can find KiKi Soul’s music on all streaming platforms.

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“Being yourself is being art, in human form.”